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Respect: Plant Medicine

Recently, someone approached me wanting to gift a plant medicine session to a friend. Being on the receiving end of a gift can be a wonderfully elating experience. The mention of this may have your thoughts placing a big wide smile on your sweet face, now.

Although, plant medicine should be used with respect, under experienced guidance, and the opportunity to do so -should not be entered into lightly. As well the "receiver" has to be prepared and ready to embark on such a journey ...and certainly is the only one who can make that "call" when in balanced relationship with the plant.

Plant medicine has the ability to be powerful in many beautiful ways but if misused, or used carelessly, also has the power to be grotesquely disguised within an individual. This type of response has the potential to unfavorably influence an individual on many levels -physically, unconsciously, and spiritually.

Furthermore, medicinal plants are foods that have additional curative properties and Indigenous healers view food as medicine, along with fresh, clean air and water. [1] Until an individual can understand and feel this connection they remain unprepared for a plant medicine journey.

An unConscious SEEDS unEarthed session supports individuals in becoming more consciously connected to themselves so they can become more consciously connected with Mother Earth and her gifts. The SEEDS approach is a spiritual journey that provides you with the tools to unearth what no longer unconsciously serves you.

Plant fresh new SEEDS that are native to your wellbeing unlike the negatively impacting plantings of invasive species, or undesired weeds. If you feel "called" and ready to cultivate the answers within, consider embarking on your personal SEEDS journey today!

*a SEEDS session may ultimately prepare an individual for a plant medicine session


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