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Journey with Lightness


"I hired Tammy as a consultant to help with detailed review of a local ordinance to build project plans of action to improve water quality. She is fantastic... organized, direct, timely, and detail-oriented. I would love to work with her again."



Executive Director, Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions

"Tammy brings a unique and valuable breadth of experience to her work. Few people can bring such a multifaceted approach to the complicated and connected environmental problems that we face. She is thoughtful, strategic and a pleasure to work with."



Chief Operating Officer, The Watershed Institute

Lightness of Advocacy is dedicated to social and environmental actions and justice to graciously serve all living souls. The pursuit is to provide agency and care for the health and well being of Mother Earth, the nurturer of us all, and her inhabitants. We strive to support individuals, groups and organizations to improve and maintain their own health and wellness in addition to the health of the environment. Advocating for fair treatment and meaningful involvement of vulnerable communities and groups is our ambition. Additionally, providing holistic healthcare and celebration, which supports the well being of those inflicted by environmental and social injustice, is our passion. 


Have you, as an individual or part of a community or organization, been called to understand your impact on social and environmental circumstances? 


From celebratory Croning Ceremonies for mature women to guiding laws, regulations and policies from municipality, state and national levels -together, we have concern for the welfare of society as a whole and the  fundamental human rights for all. The Lightness of Advocacy has the ability to support you in just that!


Any change in behavior, biases, inequity and/or purchase power has the ability to change the livelihood of another living soul -whether it be human, animal, water, plant, tree, rock or soil. With Lightness of Advocacy's support, you have the power to make a difference!


"Tammy's enthusiastic and warm nature is highly matched by her professionalism and strong work ethic. She is truly a joy to work with and her clients can be assured they are in good hands."


Executive Director, Sustainable Princeton

"Each action you take has an impact on

future generations. As Earthkeepers we recognize the true cost of

poisoning our resources."


- Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D -

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