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Mental Freedom ~ Lightness of Mind

For many of us there has been a sigh of relief related to the change in administration. Almost immediately a sense of breathing fresh crisp and much lighter air became fathomable. Although, past and lingering uneasy experiences or thoughts may continue to steal our mental freedom. When our mind is consumed by uneasiness, we may feel stressed, encounter excessive worry, or behave in manners that seem foreign to us. Maybe you are familiar with this last one when recollecting after an incident asking yourself -where did that come from?

During the last four years, and especially the past year, we have experienced intense circumstances that had and most likely continue having us feeling unsafe and possibly scared. This is a big deal when these experiences have an ongoing impact on our lives. Mental freedom, or Lightness of Mind, begins with detaching ourselves from all of the emotions and behaviors that we have unconsciously adapted for survival during these unprecedented times.

In my previous post I had asked, “how will you make your transformative shift in thinking and in action during 2021?” Today, I invite you to start with your own inner peace. Experience Lightness of Mind through our unConscious SEEDS unEarthed offering for your personal sovereignty.

All the best, love & light~



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