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Beyond Psilocybin: Nature Offers The Solution For Mental Health Disorders

Photo Credit Tim Swaan

Even before the adverse effects of the pandemic, pharmaceutical choices were nebulous options because compounds and chemical compositions have not been changed or further explored for mental health issues for decades. [1] An article from the National Library of Medicine also indicates that the majority of drugs presently in Phase III trials are not very innovative -especially when it comes to mental health and substance abuse disorders. [2] In addition, the currently available and prescribed antidepressants are only effective for approximately 54% of those treated. [2] Dose up on the pandemic’s lingering adverse effects and ‘Houston, we have a problem.’

However, let us return to Mother Earth for a moment and explore her many offerings and benefits. In relation to her fungi offering, psilocybin has been used by Indigenous peoples as medicine long before the hippie movement and scientific experiments of the ‘60s. [3] Knowledgeable spiritual leaders carefully passed on shamanic teachings to the chosen few and ‘treated’ the whole person, or being, in need. [3] Various ailments were not solely addressed because the root cause of illness was commonly spiritual in nature. [3] This remains the case even today, although unrecognized by many because we have disconnected from nature herself encountering an individualistic and separable reality.

Despite that Mother Earth freely offers open access, today’s ‘functioning’ world deadens our ability to explore alternative approaches and understand expressions of behaving that allow us to live in harmony with nature. [4] This very thread of ‘mycelium network living’ would benefit our path to sanity. Given the current numbing approach to healthcare as well as the consumer and corporate mentality, it will be a formidable challenge for lawmakers to ensure advantages of psilocybin unfold in an interconnected and responsible manner. Although, if as a society we once again enliven our curiosity, and simply experience rather than approach with expectations and preconceived notions, psychological harmony may return.

The state of our environment and our mental health is directly related as all living systems function in the state of interdependence. Respecting the limits of natural resources and the functions of ecosystems is fundamental in order to bring the natural system into harmony. This means that businesses must move beyond ‘sustainable’ and see the benefit in cooperative systems and non-waste abundance. [5] Pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses, should take careful consideration with the sacred medicinals and the practices encompassing them. [6] Moreover, this same notion is extremely important for the healthcare systems to consider.

As one may sense, it is not entirely about getting high like a spacecraft but being grounded with Mother Earth and reconnecting to all living things. If we consider what lies below the soil, leaves, and moss that carpet her, we truly will have the ability to walk the path of sanity. Possibly, psilocybin is the answer for some, but for humanity it certainly is the answer in reuniting our psyches with nature again. However, let us not become addicted to the economic consumption of Mother Earth herself but rather proceed in a just manner with right reciprocal and interconnected relationships as well as intersectional policies that help both people and the planet.




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