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Connection: Seek Truth & Experience Wonder Naturally

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to relish nature with a long time friend on the last day of what seemed to be an endless Indian summer. The colorful sights filled my soul with joy and my body lovingly felt the demands of the challenging trail we had decided upon. It never ceases to amaze me how being in nature allows for opportunities to clear my mind as well as seek truth and experience wonder.

Along the way, we approached the subject of phones and how connecting with people has significantly changed over the last decade or so. We grew up in the day when families shared the same phone number and sometimes only one phone for an entire household. Unlike today with everyone possessing, or being possessed by, her/his/their own handheld “mini computer” and a “cell number” that marks them for life in most cases.

The time seems long gone for when you would call a friend or loved one and someone else would pick up the phone, which could present enriching possibilities to naturally broaden our connection rather than with covert algorithms. The film directors of The Social Dilemma poignantly bring awareness to unnatural, or artificial, connections that social platforms -most often accessed via our smart phones- are manipulating us by. [1] The adverse effects of being disconnected (yes, disconnected!) and the resulting detriment to our health and wellbeing are what the the film aptly highlights.

So I must ask, why are we willingly allowing manipulation, control, distraction, division, polarization, and monetization in our precious lives?

This is a powerful question in its parallel to why we would allow our mental ruts, or linear unconscious pathways in our brains, not to allow us to live the life we imagined! The SEEDS meditation approach can naturally support your mental and brain health as well as your emotional wellbeing.

I invite you to explore for the opportunity to clear your mind as well as seek truth and experience wonder naturally.

All the best, love & light~



[1] (last accessed 11 November 2020)

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