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Journey with Lightness


"Traumatic experiences are a part of life, and the impact of that trauma affects who we are. SEEDS is a meditation approach that allows you to move beyond that trauma, freeing your heart to enjoy life in the moment - a new outlook. And it all happens in a safe and loving environment.”


"I was absolutely blown away by the unConscious SEEDS unEarthed session. Tammy was very kind and present and explained everything that was going to be happening during the session. She made me feel safe and cared for the whole time. I was guided through the process which resulted in a profound awakening where a very healing and magical message was clearly received. Tammy is truly a gifted and compassionate healer and guide.


This experience was life-altering. As someone who has done a lot of personal development work and enlisted many different healing modalities over decades, I would highly recommend this process to anyone who is ready to delve deeper into their unconscious self and experience a deep healing and awakening unlike anything else."


unConscious SEEDS unEarthed is spiritual journey that provides you with the tools to unEarth what no longer 

unConsciously serves you consider it personal sovereignty to cultivate the answers within yourself. This meditative  approach allows you to plant fresh new SEEDS that are native to your wellbeing unlike the negatively impacting plantings of invasive species, or undesired weeds.


Although your unConscious mind offers a field of adapted protection, personal suffering grows in the shape of fears, stress and traumas -whether perceived or actual; emotional or physical; or developmental or acute. SEEDS meditation approach deeply guides you in removing adversely programed reactions and behaviors to live the life you desire.  


unConscious SEEDS unEarthed ~ Consider this meditation approach as personal sovereignty to cultivate the answers within yourself.

Imagine your mind as fertile ground with a deeply profound network that functions in a harmonious manner to achieve resiliency and sustainability, or mental freedom, without toxic pesticides -simply organic thoughts, habits, initiatives, and accomplishments. unConscious SEEDS unEarthed goes beyond typical meditation practices as beautiful fragrant flowers bloom where weeds once occupied the soil.


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"No problem can be solved from

the same level of consciousness

that created it."


- Albert Einstein -

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