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Journey with Lightness


"Committed and calm, Tammy brings light and strength to each session! I initially joined group sessions while living in Denmark, including a retreat in Spain, and have continued with solo practice now living in the US. I’m beyond thankful and always look forward to what our next session will bring!"



"Tammy is an extraordinary practitioner. In my nearly 50 years of practice, I’ve encountered very few practitioners of her caliber. She is highly experienced, thoughtful and careful in her approach to differing abilities, and always working to learn and impart more, in group settings, in individual sessions and also in the wonderful retreats she organizes. In talking with others, I find I am not alone in these opinions!"


New York, NY

Want to be part of an enlightened movement?

To be the change we wish to see in the world we need to not only heal ourselves first but become more consciously connected! Lightness of Movement imparts sustainable guidance for you to create the collective shift. We do this by presenting resources and practices for people (individuals, groups, organizations) so she/he/they may become more aware of their selected choices and approaches followed. Dismantle what is no longer serving you or the world by taking the first step or a deeper dive by exploring your lightness of being. Together we can birth a new world and a consciously connected us!

Image by Wonderlane

Have you ever wondered about the impact of a single choice selected or decision made? Like when someone unconsciously pulls an item off of the grocery store shelf or leaves the water running while brushing her/his/their teeth.


A delicate balance of selected choices and approaches followed, which incorporate higher consciousness and intentional influence, disrupts the unconscious veil that shrouds the light.


Insignificant changes in our daily lives have the ability to make a significant impact. We are available to enhance your lightness of being as the time is now! 

"Movement is the

song of the body."


- Vanda Scaravelli -

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