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Outdated Emotional Protection: Darker Character Traits

During the last few weeks, I have been inundated with articles and messages about addressing the “shadow self,” which Carl Jung referred to as darker character traits. According to Jung, the shadow is all that we have denied in ourselves because our ego refuses this association with itself. [1] In most cases, darker character traits present as a means of protection to our past experiences. However, old unhealthy and unproductive patterns, behaviors, reactions and thoughts are not promoting growth within ourself or our current relationships, communities and societies. Certainly, we do not require the same means of emotional protection today as we did in years past, do we?

Micheal Brown writes, “…the memory we perceive through felt-perception is a shadow cast by the past across the present, when we react to it emotionally, mentally, or physically, we add substance to its effect on the present.” [2] We can easily identify our own darker traits when we notice unfavorable characteristics about other people. Typically, we dislike others unfavorable characteristics because they mirror the attachments that we have to our shadow self. These attachments may surface in forms of fear, grief, guilt, rage and shame, among many others.

Stead mentions, “If we observe our resentment towards ourselves and others, and if we consider the moral aspects of our behaviour, then we have the opportunity to bring the shadow into consciousness, and achieve a renewed sense of strength and independence.” [3] This is easier said than done as the shadow self resides in our collective unconscious and therefore is difficult to access. In spite of this, when you desire to shed light on your darker character traits, which once protected you but no longer have the same effect today- consider SEEDS without a shadow of doubt.

SEEDS is a meditation approach that provides you with an immediate tool to unearth what no longer serves you -consider it personal sovereignty to cultivate the answers within yourself. The SEEDS meditation approach is believed to change your brain’s neural activity and enhance its neuroplasticity, which creates positive pathways, beneficial behaviors and appropriate actions for the present day and the new you!

What is being said about this innovative meditation approach and its practitioner?

"I was absolutely blown away by the unConscious SEEDS unEarthed session. Tammy was very kind and present and explained everything that was going to be happening during the session. She made me feel safe and cared for the whole time. I was guided through the process which resulted in a profound awakening where a very healing and magical message was clearly received. Tammy is truly a gifted and compassionate healer and guide.

This experience was life-altering. As someone who has done a lot of personal development work and enlisted many different healing modalities over decades, I would highly recommend this process to anyone who is ready to delve deeper into their unconscious self and experience a deep healing and awakening unlike anything else.” -Janice Baker

"Traumatic experiences are a part of life, and the impact of that trauma affects who we are. SEEDS is a meditation approach that allows you to move beyond that trauma, freeing your heart to enjoy life in the moment - a new outlook. And it all happens in a safe and loving environment.” -Keith Coffee, MD, PhD

Amy shares the power and healing behind her unConscious SEEDS unEarthed experience.

And as an insightful young adult, Olivia speaks about the effects of her SEEDS session.

I look forward to your SEEDS session!

All the best, love & light~



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[2] Brown, M. 2019. The Presence Process. p.145. Namaste Publishing.

[3] Stead, H.J. 2019. 4 Carl Jung Theories Explained: Persona, Shadow, Anima/Animus, The Self. Medium. [last accessed 14 August 2020]

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