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Oh The Slippery Slope: Will You Be Resilient Or Succumb To Mental Distress & Undesired Behaviors?

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

I don’t know about you but at times I have unintentionally skidded towards the slippery slope of quarantine…. excessive screen time, sleeping in most mornings, putting things off for days, eating more sweets and certainly eating more in general… just to name a few of those slippery slopes that I have slid down in a “short” eight or so weeks. #quarantine #slipperyslope

According to Forbes, there are three key essentials for a healthy functioning brain. [1] Those essentials relate to feeling safe, experiencing a sense of belonging, and having significance or being of importance. [2] These three key essentials allow us to successfully perform the requirements of our jobs, stay on course with our activities of daily living, and derive happiness and enjoyment from life in general. [3] Comaford mentions that without these three key essentials “…a person cannot perform, innovate, feel emotionally engaged, agree, or move forward.” [4] This certainly may be how it seems as we rapidly skid towards the slippery slope. #essentials #perform #innovate #engage #moveforward #lightnessofbeing

Additionally, people love choices and when we take choices away, less isn’t always more. Grewal mentions, “[m]aking choices, even trivial ones, may symbolize something important..” and “…the idea of choice may be more strongly linked to ideals such as independence from societal constraints.“ [5] Although you may not realize it -but at this point I am sure you do- as individuals, communities, states, a nation and even as a world we are transitioning into a “new normal” that is not exactly our choice. #newnormal #notourchoice

During times like this, Pfefferbaum and North have suggested that some people find new strengths. [6] Although, depressive and anxiety disorders can be common adversities from an actual or perceived life-threatening viral infection. [7] For individuals and communities, the effects of the public health emergency have the potential to cause “…a range of emotional reactions (such as distress or psychiatric conditions), unhealthy behaviors (such as excessive substance use), and noncompliance with public health directives (such as home confinement and vaccination)…” [8] #anxietydisorders #depression #distress #unhealthybehaviors #pandemic #publichealthemergency

However, as restrictions slowly ease up and options start to gradually appear, our “new normal” may remain with limited personal preferences and choices, which most likely will continue to be accompanied by complex logistics for an unknown duration. Disappointingly, I fear that the skid towards the slippery slope has not quite ended and the impact experienced by people and communities not yet recognized. #complexlogistics #fear #impact

While considering how not to skid towards the slippery slope but rather build resilience and seek new perspectives, I invite you to experience a deep meditative state between the world of the conscious and subconscious mind. Seeing the current situation with fresh eyes and feeling a sense of resiliency for your evolving “new normal” may be surprisingly more rewarding than you anticipate. With Lightness of Mind as a beneficial choice for mental freedom and health, Lightness of Being just may have the support you or someone you know needs. #limitedchoices #freshneweyes #chooseresiliency #mentalfreedom #lightnessofmind

Are you ready to take the step to avoid the slippery slope? Sessions are now being offered as a “buy one get one free”! You may even choose to graciously gift that free session to someone you know, or feel, is in need but may not have the means to access supportive care right now. #graciouslygift #freesession

I look forward to your session!

All the best, love & light~



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