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Humans & Nature :: Disconnectedness & Separation

Humans & Nature :: Disconnectedness & Separation

The word disconnectedness came up last evening and hit me hard as the remnants of the blow remained upon awakening this morning. As a result of the pandemic there are more of us retreating to parks, trails and the waters edge but we are only touching the surface of nature and the relationship that Mother Earth offers us.

Flores mentions that our disconnectedness develops from many reasons but distancing ourselves from nature takes humanity out of nature and nature out of humanity. [1] The concept of land ownership and entitlement have us exploiting animals and the natural world for our personal gain. [2] The divide that has been created between the natural world and us has left us with “seeing” the Earth and nature as objects rather than living entities. [3]

Our current modern life of convenience has become so disconnected from nature as well as the existence of spirits and souls far removed. [4][5] However, the hope rests with today’s children -who as a result of the pandemic are being pulled away from their “devices” and drug outside- as a love for nature is often born from exposure to nature as a child. [6]

Rather than giving your children material gifts this holiday season take them on a social distanced field trip to Minnesota and have them take on the vital role of water protector. Our children will connect and inevitably grow humanity as they help support the resistance to the harm being done to Mother Earth and her, our, Indigenous communities. We shall not only hope but teach connectedness to ALL living spirits and souls!

All the best, love & light~



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