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Honoring Winter Solstice

Photo Credit Daiwei Lu

In the Northern Hemisphere the shortest day and longest night are upon us as we honor humanity and our interconnectedness to all living things in the natural world and the solar system. The loving embrace of darkness, offers the opportunity to look inward, reflect on the past as well as transform the future. In reciprocity, we are given the opportunity to express great gratitude for the blessings, gifts and offerings that have been bestowed upon us.

During the time, we tend to the central fire within our heart space and the ceremonial circle, we have the ability to harmonize with intention, stillness and observation. The essence of who we are illuminates as we become more conscious, supporting the healing of the Self, the collective and Mother Earth. As the light returns, may we cloak ourselves in purity and renewal while we grasp strength and resilience from our ancestors to manifest the new world for the future generations.

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