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Autumnal Equinox A Reminder of Natural Rhythms

Photo Credit: Johannes Plenio

Happy Autumnal Equinox! The September or fall equinox signals the seasonal shift between summer and fall in the northern hemisphere. Consequently, this seasonal shift makes concessions for us to ceremoniously release summer and embrace fall.

However, humanity has become terribly disconnected from the natural rhythms. This is blatantly obvious when people state summer is over once schools open back up --most often before the end of August-- and youngsters return to piles of books and endless activities. Youngsters aside, adults plunge head first into corporate cogs and slogging systems. At last, the human rat race has allowed overly scheduled "outlook" calendars to easily replace natural rhythms.

Virtually all vital functions of humans --including wakefulness-- cycle daily, monthly, and seasonally in relation to environmental factors.[1] With the new working from home normal, excessive "screen time" and the chronic obsession to be "on" all the time --humans fall into the trap and accentuate disconnectedness. This desynchronization is a nidus for chronic illness, anxiety, and depression.

Allow the autumnal equinox to be a reminder of natural rhythms by slowing down, sitting, observing, and passively exploring the influence of the sun and moon, cycles of day and night, and the seasons so you can thrive and not simply survive.



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