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Tammy L Sands is a Professional Practitioner of Mind, Movement & Advocacy. As the Founder of Lightness of Being, she strives to bridge the gap between the health of people and the health of the planet as well as provide agency for the equity and empowerment of ALL living entities.


Tammy’s work is research based and draws from scientific principles while, simultaneously, being rooted in spiritual and universal practices. She considers the interconnectedness of the whole being, group, or organization in relation to her/his/their society and to the planet. 


Outside of her professional endeavors, Tammy creates environmental art and enjoys being in nature. She seeks out activities that allow the liberation of movement and sensation of freedom. Tammy desires to one day live off the grid, but for now, she leads the ceremonial dance to stay true to her passion of supporting the collective in becoming consciously connected to create a new world on earth!

To learn more about Tammy, explore her introductory blog.

"Tammy brings a unique and valuable breadth of experience to her work. Few people can bring such a multifaceted approach to the complicated and connected environmental problems that we face. She is thoughtful, strategic and a pleasure to work with."

Sophie Glovier

Chief of Operations, The Watershed Institute


"We had an exceptional group experience with Tammy. With very limited time and some sudden restrictions, Tammy was able to facilitate an amazing session for our employees. Leaving us feeling at peace and energized. Most importantly, the feeling of connectedness between us grew as well. We hope to organize more events and experiences with Tammy soon!"
Bharat Moongil
Director of Operations, Tree of Life Coun
seling Center



Lightness of Being is your sacred journey to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual freedom. We provide services for individuals, groups and organizations to achieve our goal of distinguished health, well-being and agency, going beyond typical practices and formularies. 

Explore below to learn how we might support your personal  journey with lightness, through Mind, Movement & Advocacy.




Live the life you've imagined.


SEEDS is a spiritual journey that provides you with the tools to unearth what no longer unconsciously serves you. Experience new emotional freedom and healthy actions like never before!




Be part of an enlightened movement.

To be the change we wish to see in the world, we need to not only heal ourselves first but become more consciously connected! Shift your energy, your vibration to create a new earth.

Image by NASA



Join us in positive action. 

Partnerships and resources provide you with new avenues for social and environmental agency. Help us as we pursue a healthy Mother Earth and justice for her inhabitants.

"Through journeying, we're able to access the living library of our existence, which holds the landscapes, territories, and experiences of our past, present, and possible future."

- Alberto Villoldo, PhD -

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"If you can't fly, then run. If you can't run, then walk. If you can't walk, then crawl. 

But whatever you do you have to keep moving forward."

- Martin Luther King Jr.

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