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Greetings, I'm Tammy L Sands

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

It is an honor to meet you!

Welcome one and all! I would like to take this opportunity to share a little more detail about me and the experiences that shape my passionate drive to provide healthful resources and justice for all living entities. Also, I invite you to share your story and our potential interconnection in the comments section of this blog.

I have a justification to make this world a better place for all... because of my inherent past, extensive experience in medicine and scientific clinical research as well as my deep dive into holistic practices and philosophies and my knowledge of modern environmental & social justice law & policy.

Lightness of Being blossomed many years ago but has metamorphosed into an embracing and encompassing provider of services, tools and actions to support individuals, groups and organizations in discovering her/his/their own unique lightness of being and how she/he/they may positively contribute to this ever evolving world.

Growing Up In Rural Small Town America

Growing up in a lower-middle class family in a repressed rural area, economic, environmental and social challenges were not at all foreign. #ruralsmalltownamerica My sanctuary was staying on my best friend's family farm sharing in the chores and loving family dynamics. #familyfarms During my time on the farm as well as with other family friends that embraced harmonious living with nature, I endlessly explored my surroundings and Mother Nature's gifts. #mothernaturesblessings Her precious gems provided me with the solid roots that still to this day support me in my personal and professional growth. #solidroots

In addition to having my hands in the soil, I craved expression! Often, I could be found creating various types of art, from pieces of earth found along the small creek, which burbled alongside my family home, to colored paints on slabs of slate. Although I wanted to be an artist, I was guided in the direction of nursing in an effort to support my independence successfully. #creations #expression #art

Healthcare & Wellness

Off to Allentown Hospital School of Nursing I went! This first step led the way for me to bridge a rich background in trauma and surgical critical care medicine, clinical research, holistic health & wellness practices and environmental law. #traumanurse #clinicalresearch #holistichealthpractitioner #environmentalandsocialjusticelaw

I was in service to trauma patients and their families for over a decade. Continuing my formal education, I earned a bachelor of nursing at Drexel University, which provided additional opportunities. #drexel Intrigued by scientific research, I supported the development of a trauma and surgical critical care research department. Seeking more connected opportunities, I transitioned from hospital to industry and was pivotal in leading the global standardization of trauma care through clinical trial research.

Since 20 years of age, I have practiced a lifestyle with a focus on natural remedies and have had businesses to share holistic practices and education with others. While living in Denmark, I opened my first yoga studio, which held classes, workshops, specialty events and retreats and became a community for many. This legacy continues to grow and interconnect with other holistic health practitioners and modalities.

Environmental & Social Justice

Being concerned for everyone’s health, including the nurturer of us all, Mother Earth, I obtained a master of environmental law and policy with a focus on food and agriculture at Vermont Law School. #vtlawschool During my thesis work, I investigated modern day agricultural slavery and was profoundly shocked about many aspects, but specifically farmworkers' exposure to toxins and lack of access to the same healthy foods they help put on our tables. #farmworkers #migrantworkers #immigrants #humanrights

In addition, I researched the manner that genetically modified organism cultivation is contributing to human and environmental demise throughout the world. In an effort to alleviate suicide rates in farmers as well as nutrient depletion of soils this area also warrants scientific exploration and sustenance in the form of advocacy.

Since graduation, I have “hands-on” supported an urban farm in one of New Jersey’s poorest cities. #urbanfarms With resiliency and sustainability in mind, I currently serve as a commissioner for Princeton's environmental commission and had the opportunity to serve on the natural resources task force and contribute to the overall development of my own town’s climate action plan. Additionally, I have supported non-profits and led efforts in various neighboring municipalities in adopting ordinances and enhancing collaborations to facilitate social and environmental justice. #socialjustice #environmentaljustice

In Closing But Not An End...

Reflecting back to where I came from, my formal education, and the experiences that shape my passionate drive to provide healthful resources and justice for all living entities -I lovingly invite you, your community, or organization to embark on this journey with lightness alongside and with support from Lightness of Being. #journeywithlightness #lightnessofbeing #lightnessofmind #lightnessofmovement #lightnessofadvocacy

That's all for now, but we'll talk soon!

All the best, love & light~


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