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You Are Rich, You Pee in Your Water

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. -Henry Miller

Living in various areas of the US, Belgium and Denmark as well as undertaking a professional career with international responsibilities and extensive global travel to boot, provided the opportunity for immersion in cultures, environments and societies within many different realms. Possibly, all of this sounds like a glamorous career of circumstance. However, while in Africa on a work assignment, a young boy inquired if I was an American. When I replied “yes”, he stated, “you are rich, you pee in your water.” This statement made a significant impact and is the predominant reason that I again entered academia, but this time for environmental law and policy.

I had to travel faraway to receive this young boy’s indelible message for the “new way of seeing” that environmental injustice continues to prevail. Statistics reveal that 41% of our domestic fresh water is utilized to flush toilets, while underprivileged people are left without access to clean drinking water. Facts like these vitalize me to live my life’s purpose when the fundamentals of human and environmental health are at stake.

Nurturing the health of people and the planet is my passion! Will you join me in advocating for environmental and social justice by changing one behavior or habit today? Our aligned actions to make this world a better place for ALL could truly be substantiated.

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