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Yoga & Meditation: Your Protective Armor

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Can’t you already feel your immune system protecting you from the COVID-19 virus? You will experience just that when you commit to virtual yoga and meditation sessions with Lightness of Being.

I can imagine that everyone is feeling a bit stressed, ungrounded and even fearful as news of the pandemic is in our faces every morning as soon as we open our eyes. Additionally, our daily actions are consumed with new routines and “normals” as our day continues on into the next. In response to our current events and hectic life of protective logistics, I wanted to share the supportive reasons for incorporating yoga and mediation into your “new routine.” #newroutine #yogaandmeditation

When Forbes publishes an article you know it is time to listen. Healthcare writer, Alice G. Walton, highlights that the effects of meditation extend beyond relaxation. [1] Walton states, “there seems to be something intrinsic about meditation itself that can shift gene expression…” [2] Walton derived her perception from published clinical trial results. A study conducted by a team of researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, University of California at San Francisco, and Harvard Medical School, identified interesting changes in 20,000 genes, which were related to stress, inflammation and wound healing. [3] Furthermore, genes related to fighting viral infections significantly shifted among Individuals who meditated as part of her/his/their daily routine. [4] #meditationchangesyourgenes #meditationhelpsfightviralinfections

In a systemic review of randomized clinical trials (RCT), there was evidence that antibodies, or molecules that secrete immune cells that identify and neutralize pathogens, were elevated in individuals who routinely practiced mindfulness meditation. [5] Antibodies help immune cells inactivate toxic substances, attack viruses (like COVID-19), and bacteria, and assist in the function of other immune cells. [6] Black and Slavich concluded that across 20 RCT and more than 1600 participants, there was tentative evidence that mindfulness meditation modifies some select immune parameters, which suggests a more robust immune profile. [7] According to Black and Slavich, “…mindfulness mediation appears to be associated with reductions in proinflammatory processes, increases in cell-mediated defense parameters, and increases in enzyme activity that guards against cell aging.” [8] #meditationboostsyourimmunesystem

Marlynn Wei, MD, JD, who is an Urban Survival writer, concluded from new research published by the Journal of Behavioral Medicine [10] that the “…collection of research trials indicate yoga has a promising anti-inflammatory effect in the body.” [9] Typically this effect can be achieved by practicing daily or even weekly between 30 to 90 minutes for the duration of eight to twelve weeks. [11] #yogasantiinflammatoryeffect #establisharoutineyogapractice

Last but not least, an article, which was written by Angela Piris for Yoga Journal, fully supports how a routine yoga practice helps boost our immune systems. Yoga practice provides a gentle, natural means of supporting the immune system by lowering stress hormones that compromise our immune systems. [12] According to Piris, “William Mitchell, N.D., a Seattle-based practitioner who teaches advanced naturopathic therapeutics at Bastyr University, studies show that many viruses and bacteria quietly reside within us until something within the body's internal environment becomes unbalanced. Then they rally into action and attack.”[13] #yogalowersstresshormones

So no matter how hectic life may be at the moment, yoga and meditation are worthy of carving out time in your schedule. And with virtual sessions any space in your current setting will do. #yogaandmeditationyourprotectivearmor

Ready to schedule your yoga and meditation sessions? Why wouldn’t you? Sessions have been discounted by 50% so YOU can build your protective armor NOW!

All the best, love & light~



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