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Pipelines: The Short And NOT So Sweet Of It!

Throughout the east coast we have been caught up in our own battles to stop pipelines but are you aware of what is going down in the midwest, specifically in Minnesota? If not, here is the short and not so sweet of it… The proposed Enbridge Line 3 (Tar Sands Pipeline) will cross through wild rice lakes and near 8000-year-old Indigenous villages as well as more than 192 bodies of water (rivers, lakes, and watersheds) including the Mississippi River twice. [1] The pipeline’s impacts on the Indigenous community’s economy, natural resources, and public health as well as its violations of Indigenous rights, are unacceptable. [2]

Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania how can we collectively support the Indigenous communities in their stance against Line 3?

@journeywithlightness is on our way to directly support the frontlines of the resistance -who will join us?

All the best, love & light~



[1] (last accessed 13 December 2020)

[2] (last accessed 13 December 2020)

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